Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All the small print for our business, products and services.

Here you can find legal details on the terms under which we operate. Each BCS Group department has its own set of conditions; the version we will work to shall be relevant to the department you will be working with at the time the order is taken. The relevant conditions shall also be provided in the quotation and/or sales acknowledgment.


Terms & Conditions of Sale  Terms & Conditions of Sale - Business to Consumer

Terms & Conditions of Sale  Terms & Conditions of Sale - Business to Business
Terms & Conditions - Equipment Hire  Terms & Conditions - Equipment Hire
Terms & Conditions - Steel Fabrications  Terms & Conditions - Steel Fabrications
Terms & Conditions - Tunnelling  Terms & Conditions - Tunnelling

Terms & Conditions - Tunnelling  Terms & Conditions - Training